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Gallery 5 - 1997 Tour Deluxe ("Grendel")

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Ken Lawson
Riverside, California

Ken Lawson (Riverside CA), evidently an English Lit major, says "Grendel is a '97. I rescued her from a wrecking yard in the Spring of '99 & rebuilt her using a new frame which I filled & powdercoated. She has a few Yamaha chrome parts, a Dyna 3000, K&N filter & jet kit, and Kromewerks mufflers (which are a bit louder than I like). She has a 170/80 rear tire, which improved her 100%. The color is 'Ken Red', which I mixed myself. She now has 24k miles, and I ride her nearly every day. She was to have been customized this past Winter, but Winter was cancelled in SoCal, so I kept riding her instead."


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