Want to see your pride and joy on this website??

We certainly would! Royal Stars ONLY please. No Ventures, VStars, Drag Stars, LoneStars, Windstars, etc. Not to be picky, and everybody's welcome here, but this IS the Royal Riders site, doncha know.

Please provide all the information requested, and I'll take it from there. Check out some of the bikes already posted to see what we're looking for. If something doesn't apply to you, skip it and move on to the next item. Only provide an email or website address if you want people to be able to contact you or view additional photos and such. Keep your comments down to maybe 300 words or less - if you go on and on and on and on and on and on (you get my drift), I may need to edit the content to fit.

Keep in mind this is kinda like a part time job for me, so I can't always promise immediate results. I'll post the updates to the web as soon as possible and email you when it's done. Check it out when you're notified and make sure I didn't fat finger anything. As always, I assume no responsibility for anything I do, but if I make a misteak, I'll fix it, but I won't know till you tell me, eh ...


Due to space constraints on my server, I can only post one pic per bike, so give it your best shot. Any size or flavor, and I can cook it to fit the page. I may need to crop it or play with the lighting a bit, but I promise I won't Forrest Gump it with special effects or tweaks.