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Gallery 3 - 1997 SantaFe Palamino ("Trigger")

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James Kubala
Arlanta, Georgia

Sold my full custom FLHS bagger and my wife's Heritage Softtailand got her a V-Star 650 and got myself the Excelsior Henderson I'd been wanting since they came out in 99. I got the Royal Star because I needed a dependable bike while I work on the EH and because with it's Santa Fe colors and Palomino leather it's slap-dab gorgeous. I've been riding, building and wrenching bikes for 46 years, starting with a 1950 Whizzer Pacemaker, going through a Whizzer Sportsman that I built my first Triumph-powered chopper from, Triumph, Matchless, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, four Harleys, all custom (2 radical), and finally the RS, EH, and V-Star.


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