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Gallery 1 - 1996 Standard = "Royal Rat"

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Bill Krupiczewicz - "sKiZo"
Cedar Springs, Michigan

Bill Krupiczewicz (Skizo) of Cedar Springs MI sez of the Royal Rat, a 1996 Std: "I salvaged this one from a barn with only 6000 miles on it a coupla years ago and have put another 60k on without even trying. Did some digging and found an old Tracy (now defunct) fairing, some old K&G (also blotto) saddlebags, whipped up some hardware from bar stock and such, threw on a custom Corbin saddle, put it all together ... anyway, I'm told it's unique. The rats came about from everybody telling me I drive a rat - Hey, I wash it once a year, whether it needs it or not !! "


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