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1971XS65039.69 KBjpgResolution: 599x351Prop
1981Unrestored34.52 KBjpgResolution: 550x413Prop
1983 yamaha totaled70.39 KBjpgResolution: 800x483Prop
71XS650chop56.58 KBjpgResolution: 460x365Prop
72XS650fatboy84.4 KBjpgResolution: 532x550Prop
83ExhaustBracket35.22 KBjpgResolution: 520x278Prop
83ExhaustMounted58.06 KBjpgResolution: 550x413Prop
83ExhaustMountedRear45.68 KBjpgResolution: 400x450Prop
83-tank-decals86.64 KBjpgResolution: 750x500Prop
83xs650_3148.24 KBjpgResolution: 800x748Prop
83-xs650-paint-(4)84.02 KBjpgResolution: 750x563Prop
83xs-paint-(6)94.41 KBjpgResolution: 750x472Prop
BobberSeatPost32.02 KBjpgResolution: 336x272Prop
fuse-box-0182.45 KBjpgResolution: 750x563Prop
fuse-box-0277.25 KBjpgResolution: 750x563Prop
laced-wheels65.25 KBjpgResolution: 658x379Prop
RimRust32.08 KBjpgResolution: 550x402Prop
SoftTailTech4.65 KBjpgResolution: 255x249Prop
xs650Dresser7751.4 KBjpgResolution: 500x346Prop
XS650ExhaustFull19.91 KBjpgResolution: 400x300Prop
XS650front51.8 KBjpgResolution: 800x600Prop
XS650K7043.32 KBjpgResolution: 600x450Prop
XS650Mufflers20.3 KBjpgResolution: 400x300Prop
XS650MufflerTips21.3 KBjpgResolution: 400x300Prop
XS650R145.3 KBjpgResolution: 500x334Prop
xs650rear54.86 KBjpgResolution: 800x600Prop
xs650Stock7759.68 KBjpgResolution: 500x341Prop
XS71Coffin47.82 KBjpgResolution: 745x522Prop

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