Vinca Pacifica Red Hybrid
Catharanthus roseus Pacifica Red Hybrid

Rich red blooms begin early and just keep coming!

Unbeatable for Big, Early, Heat-Tolerant Color!
Bushy 10- to 12-inch plants laugh at temperature extremes and flourish in poor soil!

Such a trouble-free delight in the garden, this hale-and-hearty Vinca begins blooming extra-early with big flowers of bright red, then just keeps going despite extreme heat, poor soil, and just about any other obstacle Nature throws its way! The Pacifica series is renowned for its ultra-tough performance, and you will love the uniform, neat, yet very bushy 10- to 12-inch plants, which stay colorful for months on end.

The blooms are 2 inches across and held wide open, with a small, distinctive contrasting eye. They are held up and out from the fresh, lush foliage, making them a splendid choice for beds, borders, ground cover, and baskets. They even make terrific houseplants during the winter months!

Pacifica blooms luxuriously despite heat and drought, making it a favorite in climates with long, hot, dry summers. A sun-lover, it's constantly in color from early summer till frost, offering lush foliage as well as plentiful blooms. Pkt is 50 seeds.

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Vinca Pacifica Red Hybrid

1 Pkt for 2.50 each.