Vinca Mediterranean Apricot Broadeye Hybrid
Catharanthus roseus Mediterranean Apricot Broadeye Hybrid

Heat- and drought-tolerant plants spread 2 1/2 feet wide!

Incredible Spreading Habit and Two-Toned Blooms for Baskets or Beds!
Apricot blooms with deep rose "eyes" bloom from May till frost!

Charming rose-eyed blooms add a new dimension to the popular, high-performing Mediterranean series! These soft apricot blooms boast a broad, very bold center of deep rose, making them stand out beautifully in the garden or basket. And like all the Mediterraneans, Apricot Broadeye gives you a low, vigorously spreading habit -- 2 to 2 1/2 feet per plant! -- smothered in cheery 2-inch flowers from May till frost! Like all Vinca (also called Periwinkle), it blooms reliably through heat and drought, making it a great choice for edging the driveway or setting out on the blazing-hot patio. These 5- to 6-inch-tall plants offer lush foliage as well, filling hanging baskets and windowboxes with color even when not in bloom, and covering ground beautifully.

Sun-loving and trouble-free, Mediterranean offers maximum color and coverage for minimal effort! Space 24 inches apart. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Seeds Item # 1916
Vinca Mediterranean Apricot Broadeye Hybrid

1 Pkt for 3.75 each.