December 00, 0000

My Life in Hell

Hell is a relative thing. My personal hell is living most of my life in an 8x10 cubicle reacting to the kneejerks of a particularly moronic group of executive types who couldn't plan their way out of a paper bag.

The day I actually accomplish anything useful within the restrictions of THE PLAN, I fully expect to hear the herald's pipes announcing Armageddan. I truly believe I could accomplish more doing nothing. At least, I could then take credit for lessening the confusion inherent in constant change for the sake of change. For this I expect I would gain the eternal gratitude of the poor grunts on the front line who have to make sense of it all. After all, what are the chances that anyone with the power to do anything about it would actually notice my failure to implement the latest Apostle according to St Peter's Principle?

What in fact are the chances these same people would even be aware of what they wanted the day after saying "Make it so .." ? With real luck, the new, improved Plan of the Day would make it like it was, and all concerned would recieve accolades for swift implementation and response. The flip side of course is that they would then expect the same instantaneous results for whatever twisted mind-drivvle they come up with next.

If it weren't for the spiritual guidance of Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert Universe, I would think I were the only one facing these particular trials and tribulations. As is, I find I am only one of many who have sold their souls for profit and seek daily to lower themselves to the level of those they serve.. Sometimes I wonder if the guys on the fat tired Schwinns patrolling the roads of rural America in search of deposit bottles don't have the right idea.

(Not that I'm bitter!)

Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at December 0, 0000 12:00 AM