July 10, 1999

Welcome to the Darkside

Civilization as we know it didn't happen overnight, nor was it truly spontaneous. Thru the course of history, many convoluted twists and turns have added up to the whole that is now. Conscious decisions were made that steer us on our present course. One school of thought suggests that we are where we need to be to get where we need to go. The optimist looks around and sees the current levels of comfort and technological marvels and praises the progress made. That optimists tend to be weathier and better situated to reap the marvels of this progress is evident.

Those society has forgotten or misplaced tend toward a more pessimistic view, and point out the obvious failures that can be attributed to the same so-called progress. The envy displayed by the many for those few who reap the rewards could be a powerful catalyst for change if there were any truth to the widespread rumor called democracy. If the unwashed masses were to successfully revolt, they would simply become the new elite, and punish their predecessors for delaying their ascent to prominence. Contrary to popular belief, Man is not a social animal. The root of that falsehood lies in the distant past when we were forced to cooperate to defeat our natural enemies. Having won those battles, we now face the last truly worthy opponent , ourselves, and the thin varnish of civilization is swiftly vanishing.

Every decision made in the course of our evolution has had it's accumulated effect; the end result is what you see around you. Some may call me a pessimist. I describe myself as a realist. I discount divine intervention, and lay any blame directly on what we have made ourselves to be. (On the other hand, we are simply biological constructs reacting at random to external influences, and can't really be held accountable for our actions. Take your pick.) We are in fact creatures of habit, and our DNA is coded by the law of the jungle to bring out the worst humanity has to offer. Survival of the fittest drives the holiest of the holy, though you won't get them to admit it. The alpha male has replaced his claws and sharp teeth with a checkbook and a pet congressman or two. When not occupied with buying a military machine to protect their own self interests, they buy respect by doling out a few crumbs to those who have less and can be reasonably expected to appreciate it. Never will the multimillionaire philanthropist sacrifice all their wealth to feed the starving masses. Those who give simply have more than they can reasonably spend as a rule. Charity buys social points and prestiege - take those away, and the flow stops.

The dawn of the Industrial Age served as a turning point, but shouldn't be blamed entirely for what just may be the last gasps of human evolution. The Nuclear Age is simply one of the last required nails in the coffin. Humanity has always had a mean streak, as far back as the Stone Ages. We need no gods to smite us - we now possess the power of Armageddon and can't reasonably be expected to resist the urge to destroy all just because we can. All science really proves is that we are programmed to fail, removing any restraints we might have felt if only we felt we had a chance to make it work. I have admitted the hopelessness of the situation to myself, and do not intend to express hope or seek a better way in these pages.I merely wish to point out some of the disturbing trends upon which I base this belief.

There are some who would say we should have never come down from the trees - I would think our first mistake was crawling from the primordial oceans. What I will attempt to do is describe and document my personal opinion that our best recourse may be to step aside and let the monkeys or the cockroaches have a go at it.

LIFE is a sucking, swirling eddy of dispair

Filled with bright, small moments of false hope

In an ever blackening universe ...


Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at July 10, 1999 06:40 PM