March 18, 2001

That's Mr Cockroach

The clock ticks, and the end draws nearer with every breath. They say it won't be long now, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. We're reduced to sitting around in abandonded warehouses whose only light is provided by the shallow pools of rendered tallow from the occasional sewer rat that survives the nuclear winter. Even the cockroaches are now scarce - a hungry man will eat anything that moves ...

They say she comes on a pale horse
but I'm sure I hear a train
Oh, no, I don't even feel no pain

I guess I must be driving myself insane

Damn it all

Does Earth fill a hole in heaven
or Heaven fill a hole in Earth ??

How wonderful to be so profound
when everything you are
is dying underground !

Lamb Lies Down

~ ~ ~

We curse the "recyclers" who took it upon themselves to "clean up the earth" and unknowingly remove the only source of consumables that could have kept this generation going until the environment recovered sufficiently to begin once again to produce sustenance for the few who remain. We tried; oh, how we tried. We burned our homes and books for fuel. Our pets were among the first to go when it came down to us or them as we fought over the last scraps. When the food supply gave out, and we were then reduced to rooting through the landfills for protein, we knew we would survive. When the dumps were empty, we knew we would die.

A wanderer recently stumbled into our turf, and before his mysterious disappearance told us about a new food substitute our remaining scientists are working on, inspired by one of the last books in existence, that could be our salvation. I've heard they they call it Soylent Green. There may be some hope after all ...

Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at March 18, 2001 06:38 PM