July 12, 2000

Just Impeachy

Congress, bless their little black hearts, has somehow managed to attain all new lows in the current session. Gridlock is a way of life, and I assume some feared actually accomplishing something useful thru no fault of their own. Thus the current debacle. Neither party is to blame, no one is really accountable. They simply got bored with doing what they were elected to do and moved on to other business. We the people owe our Senators and Representatives all the respect they never earned and to hell with us if we somehow expect more. I truly believe we get what we deserve, and seeing what we got this time around, I'd really hate to see what comes next.

The buzzword of the day for those of you living in a bubble is IMPEACHMENT. Makes a good 30 second sound bite every 30 seconds or so. Andrew Jackson at least didn't have to put up with the Multitude of Medias trying to scoop each other with the latest rumors. Clinton, Lewinski, the voting public, morality - all have been described as the "victim" in what will eventually be remembered as the most expensive blow job in history. The real victims are TRUTH, HONESTY, and the AMERICAN WAY. These are the things we've lost, and it wasn't Clinton who is the culprit. It's not even something that just happened - it's been coming for a long time. The real assassins of this melodrama are the lawyers who insist on viewing every daily event as an exercise in loopholes and legalese, who thrive and profit on complicating the simplest things beyond any hope of understanding or resolution. Add a double helping of media hounds smelling blood and abandoning any sense of fair play or responsible reporting in search of the GREAT STORY. Add a complacent general public who bask in this drivvle and use it to fill the void between the afternoon soaps and prime time mayhem. Throw in the demogogues and spin doctors for good measure, and it's a safe bet we'll never know what really happened or even care. It's entertainment, in the same vein as roller derby and WCW wrestling - it really doesn't have to have a point is the point. It matters not, history is rewritten to suit the writers, and whatever happens here is sure to be lost in the flood of events that actually mean something to the generations that follow.

Hats off to Larry Flynt, one of the few sane voices heard in the current debate. He reminds me of someone who once said, "Let he who is without sin ,etc. etc..." His offer to buy dirt on those he percieves to be his opponents is simply an extension of the mud-slinging currently practiced in each election by the people screaming the loudest to denounce his actions. Payback's hell, ain't it ?? Even if half of what he's dug up on the principle actors in this little melodrama isn't true, that's probably a better average that what's been said of Clinton and his associates since Monica said "ummmph".

The sad part of this fiasco is the general public is eating it up. What, you say you didn't swallow? The true fault lies within us all. We are all products of our environment, and the environment that sustains the apparent need to drag our country and honor thru the mud is a product of our own general decrepit morals. We've replaced the Bonnie Isle of Britain as the Clown Prince and the Third Estate is having a field day, knowing one day soon, we too may come to our senses and say, enough is enough. It's a safe bet they'll milk it for what it's worth until that day comes. Perhaps someday we will actually elect a Congress whose sole purpose is to attend to the People's agenda. Without the press to feed them, and without them for the Press to feed on, that Congress may attain some level of it's past glory.

As for the lawyers, demogogues and spin doctors ... line em up and shoot every tenth one. If that don't straighten them out, LINE EM UP AGAIN !

( When all is said and done, have we no shame ?? )

Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at July 12, 2000 06:21 PM