September 28, 2001

Devil Worship

I'd feel left out if I didn't get my two cents worth in on the massacre in Columbine. It seems the concensus of local opinion is it's all Marilyn Manson's fault. It's his sick, sadistic, twisted, etc., etc. devil music that perverted the minds of those who would have otherwise grown to be spears of righteousness sitting on the right hand of all that is holy.

Yeah, right ...

OK, I'll admit some of what Marilyn has to say in his music is not in the best of taste and may be just a tad bit offensive to "normal" people. My opinion? His music sucks! However, I have to go with the gun lobby people on this one, and fall back on the Constitutional privileges that would be negated if we were to somehow prohibit him from expressing himself. A stretch, it's true, but I would think we're talking freedom of speech here. Imagine the pendulum swinging the other way, and the devil's own preaching against the good Christians who are currently denouncing Manson. It's an even bet that wouldn't fly too well at all.

The media on the other hand are more than likely looking into building a shrine to the culprits. After all, it was a slow news week. Where's Albania, anyway? The body count wasn't high enough to keep our interest, and you can only have so many human interest stories before people start to get restless trigger fingers and pick up the remote. These guys know an opportunity when it presents itself, and within hours had flooded into Colorado to give John Q hourly and sometimes minutely updates on anything and everything remotely connected to the tragedy. As usual, they pretty much analyzed the damn thing to death. They showed their usual contempt for the victims and their families, jamming microphones in their faces in their hour of grief and demanding a blow by blow description of how much blood they actually saw.

Whose can we blame for the shootings? I took the liberty of compiling a short list presented on the six o'clock news:

1. The Gun Lobby. Guns kill. Guns must go. The only good Gun is a dead Gun. And so on.

2. Marilyn Manson. Already been there.

3. The Schools. They should have figured out there was a problem and done something to stop it.

4. The Other Students. They didn't try hard enough to mainstream obvious outsiders, and failed to report their concerns to the proper authorities.

5. The Internet. Too much information, pounding in my brain, too much information, driving me insane (my apologies to Sting). All the crazies meet there and exchange hints and ideas on destroying society.

The point most fail to grasp seems the hardest to ignore. We as parents have failed. One would think building bombs and stockpiling guns and ammunition for what is estimated at over a year would be hard to miss. Yet the parents of the gunners profess a total ignorance of what was to be and were somehow as surprised as the rest of the world. The key word here is accountability. Where were they when their children were piling up weapons, surfing the kill zones of cyberspace, and hanging with the local elite group of sickos? Who is really to blame here? Well adjusted kids who were raised in an environment that teaches social skills and conscience would not be capable of doing such things. Our children's failures are our failures - the buck has to stop with the part time parent who just doesn't get it. Raising a child is a lifetime commitment and a fulltime job. Don't expect to juggle in an hour or so of family life and succeed in raising a productive and well-adjusted member of society - it ain't gonna happen.

Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at September 28, 2001 06:04 PM