October 16, 2002

Aliens Among Us

Sorry to burst your bubble, bubba, but our neighbor's to the south are taking over. The Mexican/American border exists in the political mind only, and is currently an inconsequential detail to be ignored by any illegal wishing to cross and steal the fruits of our labors. The third world sees us as the pot of gold, and it's downtrodden masses are more than willing to take advantage of our weakness. Please ignore that rumbling sound - it's only the founding father's spinning in their graves.

OK, already, stop with the bleeding heart "Melting Pot" home for the unwashed masses crap already. What's written in stone at Ellis Island still applies today, and I would be the first to recognize it's importance as a basis for what this country is all about. HOWEVER, I for one would NOT agree that this expressed vision of equal opportunity for immigrants ever was intended to allow ANYONE to circumvent the law of the land and wander in any time they damn well pleased. Illegal immigration was a non-issue until it became a well known fact that we as a nation were not willing or able to put forth the effort required to defend our borders and way of life. One almost senses a fatalistic attitude of "What can we do?" from those with the power to act. The drain on our resources is phenomenal, and our government's reaction reminds me of the boy with his finger in the dike. The millions spent at the border might as well be burned for all the good they do. All the technology and vigilance put into the effort are a complete and utter waste if the only result is to put illegals on a bus and send them home to try again. And try again they will - some spend years before they finally succeed rather than devote their attention to improving their own back yard. It doesn't seem to occur to them that any problems they currently face in their own countries are a result of their own inattention and willingness to take charge of their own circumstances. If their standard of living is lower, the blame falls squarely on the person who looks back at them in the mirror every morning.

My solution? It's not pretty, but it's been proven effective. Prison industry is one of the fastest growing corporate enterprises today. NAFTA established free trade zones, and our business community has been racing across the border to take advantage of the cheap labor. The government has had their hand in prison industry for years, in many cases requiring it's own agencies to purchase their supplies thru these facilities. Take it one step further, and support the creation of prison farms in Mexico to house the deportees rather than turn them back to the local authorities. As with any other crime, increase the penalty for recurring violations, and we've pretty much eliminated half the illegal crossings by taking the repeat offenders out of circulation. The cheap labor rates almost guarantee we save money in the long run, and the local economy gets a boost in the right direction. A goodly part of General Motor's total annual production is there now anyway - maybe we can even get them interested in managing the whole operation. Looks like a win/win solution to me.

Another alternative? You won't like this one, but take a lesson from history. Spain HAD the same problem with illegals crossing the straits from Africa to escape the chaos in their own homelands. They tried the same ineffective tactics our government has tried, with the same results. Their border existed on paper only, and their economy was going right down the tubes trying to cope with the strain. Sound familiar? The Spanish government, with the consent of their citizens, finally said alright, already, and actually began to use their resources effectively. The Coast Guard was put on alert and given orders to fire on and sink any unidentified ships that did not heed their warning to turn around. Within 90 days, the incidence of illegal crossings was cut by 90%. Radical? Yes. Effective? A most positive affirmative. Practical? Indubitably. Humane? Figure the accumulative pain and suffering faced by those trying to take advantage of the current situation, and the ever diminishing resources available to help our own disadvantaged citizens, putting a firm stop to the problem seems humane in every sense.

Posted by NIFAIRIOUS at October 16, 2002 06:03 PM